Registration Letter

Collaborative Religious Education Program

262)-633-8284, St. Joseph, (262)-634-3607, Sacred Heart (262)-634-5647, St. John Nepomuk
To: Parents of Children in Religious Education Programs Preschool thru Confirmation
This year we will again register all students by mail. This means DON’T THROW THIS OUT, BUT READ ALL THE INFO AND THEN RETURN REGISTRATION BY September 7th. If for some reason your child isn’t returning this school year, please return the form and write on it “not returning.” If you can state why they won’t return that is also helpful. Then return forms with registration fee for each child. (If finances are a problem, please call)

What’s happening with the program this year?

As you may be aware, numbers are not very large in our Catholic Parishes and so a few years ago we were asked to look for ways that we could possibly work together with parishes in our cluster. Our cluster consists of Sacred Heart, St. John Nepomuk and St. Joseph Parishes. As most of you are also aware, the first year we combined some of our programs within the three Parishes. Two years ago the program was made into one combined program. This year Dan O'Connell is the Director of the program and Youth Ministry for all three Parishes that covers all grades and the sacramental Preparation, and also on site Wednesday nights at St. Joseph’s Parish. Dan O' connell will also work day hours each week at the different Parishes.

ALL classes for Grades 1-6 will be held on Wednesday nights at St. John Nepomuk Parish from 6:00-7:30pm. Classes for grades 7-11 will be held on Wednesday nights at St. Joseph Parish from 6:15-7:45pm or at Sacred Heart Parish on Sunday mornings from 11:15am-12:30pm. Starting time is staggered so parents can get between the two locations on Wednesday nights easily if you have students in both groups.

Junior preparation for Confirmation is being held for all three parishes at two separate times. Wednesday nights at St. Joseph’s, Sunday mornings at Sacred Heart. Choose which time works best for you no matter what is your home Parish. Only thing is you won’t be able to flip from one time to the other. (Check for times in previous paragraph.) Orientation for Wednesday class and Sunday class is Sept. 16 at 6:00pm in St. Joseph’s school cafeteria. As of this meeting you will need to commit to which session you will attend. (Orientation is for student, sponsor, and parent)

All fees are due with registration unless other arrangements are made. Fees for this year are set at $70.00 per child. Gr. 2 and 11 have an additional sacrament fee of $20.00. Fees for TRI-Parishes program are paid to home parish. (If attending from outside our cluster pay St. Joseph’s).

Preschool classes 3yr.-K will still be held on Sunday mornings at St. Joseph’s Parish during the 10:30am Mass.

We will begin our program this year with a combined Mass and Orientation for parents and students (grades 1-10) on Wednesday, September 23, 2016 being held at St. Joseph Parish at 6:00pm. We plan to be finished by 7:30pm. (Complete calendar with dates will be given out.)
If you would be interested in helping in any areas of Religious Education or Youth Ministry, or have any questions regarding registration, please call me at 1-630-965-9142.

Dan O'Connell