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Mission Trip


An annual mission trip has given young people from St. Joe's an opportunitiy to live their faith by helping others.


High school age young people from St, Joseph have an opportunity to participate in a mission trip planned by the Racine Area Collaborative Catholic Youth Ministry. For more information contact the parish center 262-633-8284.


Summer 2024


Good Morning,

My name is Kristen Dahlgren and I am the Campus Minister for the Siena Catholic Schools. I am reaching out to see if you would be interested in supporting a group of students to go to Alive In You Catholic Conference and Mission Trip this summer. I am passionate about giving all students the opportunity to go to these types of events because they can be life changing. As a kid, I was not able to go on a mission trip. I grew up in a pretty rough home situation with parents who had drug abuse problems and due to our low income, we were not able to take advantage of opportunities like this. As campus minister, I never want a student to say no to a faith experience because they are living in poverty or going through a tough home life. Our goal is to bring as many students from the Racine area as we can. We are joining with St. Rita parish and other parishes here in Racine along with multiple parishes in Fond Du Lac. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. We will be going to Knoxville, TN from June 18-23.  
We believe it is important as a Catholic school to send students on Catholic Mission Trips so they can experience the sacraments and build their faith. Typical mission work may include: painting, simple building projects, landscaping, working at a food pantry or social service organization, working with community centers & day camps in economically disadvantaged areas, etc.

Donate $1,255 to pay for one student to go on mission trip for a life changing week long experience, helping others in need

    OR Make A Donation Of Any Amount

Donate $480 to pay for the Registration Cost for a student (registration includes: meals, lodging, guest speakers, musicians, liability insurance, conference costs, service costs, operational expenses.) 
Donate $610 to cover the transportation and meal on the way to and from 
Donate $80 for additional fees and fun day activity for a student 
Donate $65 to pay for student to get t-shirt and sweater
Donate $10 for student’s snack day
Donate $10 for student to get ice cream/special treat

Please send donations marked Mission Trip to: 

St. Catherine’s High School
CC: Campus Ministry- Mission Trip
1200 Park Avenue
Racine, WI 53403

My name is Katelyn and I want to go on the mission trip because it seems like a lot of fun. Also to help me help others and to help me develop my faith, learning more about serving others and growing socializing with other faithful students. From seeing the talk about the trip after the prayer service, it made me realize I wanted to go. I don’t know who is all going this year but that doesn’t matter because I want to go so I can better myself and grow. And it looks really fun!


I would like to go on this mission trip again because I had fun and grew as a person last year. My name is Aracely, I am a Junior at St. Cat’s high school and a parishioner of St. Patrick’s. When I was in 8th grade, I was really struggling and I was given the opportunity to join the Summer Service Camp. This is a mission trip here in Racine run by Mrs. Dahlgren and all the parishes in Racine. My family was not praying together and by surrounding myself with faithful people, I found a way through the tough times. Now my family is going to church together and every time I have an opportunity to learn more about my faith, and help others; I take it. Last year’s Mission trip helped me grow more in my faith. I would like to go again to see what more I can learn and to help others. I know I will continue to grow closer to God through this trip and appreciate your help in supporting me.

My name is Miguel. I am a sophomore at St. Cat’s and a parishioner of St. John Nepomuk. Last year I went on a trip with Ms. Dahlgren called the Dominican Preaching conference. I went with no expectations but being there, being with people my age, really made me feel welcome and I was able to learn more about my faith. Being there in such an amazing faith focused community pushes me to want to be part of this year’s mission trip. I am excited to go and I want to say thank you for any support that you can give. I would not be able to go if not for your help.

My name is Josh, I am excited to go this summer on the mission trip. Getting to help out a community that I am not used to. It is not always easy to try something new, this will be a whole new environment, new people, and new opportunities. I know that this experience will help me grow in my faith. I would not consider myself to be an outgoing person so this will help push me to have new experiences. I am a junior at St. Cat’s and a parishioner of St. Rita’s. Thank you for your support and for praying for us.


My name is Tony and I am really looking forward to going on the mission trip this year. I am a junior at St. Cat’s and a parishioner of St. Rita’s.I am looking forward to growing in my faith and helping others. When I help others and help them feel good about themselves, it makes me feel good about myself. I know that I can make a difference in someone’s life and that is very special to me. Thank you for any help you can give to help us go on this trip. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.


My name is Emilio and I am looking forward to the mission trip. I am a sophomore at St. Cat’s and a parishioner of St. Patrick’s.  I went to the Dominican Preaching conference last year and had a good time so I am looking forward to this new experience. I would like to go because I want to grow my faith and be closer to God. This will help me a lot since I am training myself to live my life for him.