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Safe Environment Guide

All volunteers who work with children are required to attend a Safe Environment Education Session and have a background check completed. Pre-registration for the session is required. Volunteers also must read and sign the Code of Ethical Standards and Mandatory Reporting Statement. To find a Safeguarding session near you, please go to: 

If you need more information, please call the Parish Office.

1. Individuals should go to the Safeguarding All of God's Family site at:

2. Select the REGISTER button to complete a brief form and choose a SEE session to attend. That information will be used to create the sign-in sheet for the session you will attend.

3. Make sure you sign in when you attend the Safeguarding Session, as this is proof that you completed the live training.

4. After you attend the Safeguarding Session, the Archdiocese will confirm your attendance and send this information to our Parish Office.

5. You will need to fill out a green sheet for your Parish Office, giving permission for a background check to be performed. (This will need to be repeated every five years.)

6. You will also need to read a document called the CODE OF ETHICAL STANDARDS AND MANDATORY REPORTING. You will have the option of reading this document online or a paper copy can be provided by the Parish Office.

7. The very last page is a signature page that you must sign to verify that you have read the document. Once you have signed, please submit the last page to the Parish Office.