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    July Mercy Action: "Give Drink to the Thirsty"

    IIn this Jubilee Year of Mercy, for July 2016 we focus on the Corporal Work of Mercy: “Give Drink to the Thirsty.”  Jesus' command to practice the corporal works of mercy is direct, uncompromising, and everywhere present in the entire New Testament. Taken as whole, every tenth line in the New Testament is a direct challenge to the Christian to reach out to the physically poor. In Luke's Gospel, it is every sixth line. In the Epistle of James, it is every fifth line. Involvement with the poor is not a negotiable item. This is mandated with the same weight as is any creed, dogma, and moral or spiritual teaching. And this may never be spiritualized. The command to be involved with the physically poor means just that, the physically poor.
    So how do we give drink to the thirsty? To lack clean, drinkable water is to lack the first necessity of life. Hence, Jesus' command to give drink to the thirsty is, first of all, about looking around ourselves and our world and trying to provide every person on this earth with clean, drinkable water. What is required as well is a change of heart and ultimately a change of lifestyle, and practicing water conservation at home and at work by each of us who has clean water. So take this Mercy Action throughout the month: Donate to Global Partners/Running Waters at globalpartnersrunningwaters.org and the Office for World Mission La Sagrada Familia Water Filtration Project at archmil.org/parishes/Sagrada-Familia.htm.